The global experimental pragmatics community consists of many research groups and federally funded networks. Every two years, we come together at the XPrag conference. On this website you’ll find information about past and future meetings, as well as links to some of the official XPrag networks.

Future XPRAG conferences

  • XPrag 2023 in Paris, Sep 20-22, organized by Ira Noveck

Previous XPRAG conferences

  • XPrag 2022 in Pavia, organized by Valentina Bambini and Filippo Domaneschi
  • XPrag 2019 in Edinburgh, organized by Chris Cummins and Hannah Rohde
  • XPrag 2017 in Köln, organized by Petra Schumacher
  • XPrag 2015 in Chicago, organized by Chris Kennedy
  • XPrag 2013 in Utrecht, organized by Yoad Winter
  • XPrag 2011 in Barcelona, organized by Louise McNally
  • XPrag 2009 in Lyon, organized by Ira Noveck
  • XPrag 2007 in Berlin, organized by Uli Sauerland
  • XPrag 2005 in Cambridge, organized by Richard Breheny and Napoleon Katsos

XPrag networks

  • – Italian XPrag network
  • – German XPrag priority program funded by the DFG (2014-2019)
  • EURO-XPRAG – European XPrag network funded by the ESF (2009-2013)